Sunday, September 11, 2016

Jane Woodward - Week 2

Whoosh.  This week has flown right by, and I'm not sure what it is that I accomplished last week. 

I did make some required trips to Petsmart, Michaels and A C Moore.  Plus I also put gas and air in my tires. But other than that I got nothing!

Of course, I Stitched!

And was able to move my scroll rods.

This is a very simple sampler as far as stitches. But the colors just make make me happy!

Sold a couple more things on FB. Plus several years ago, I got both CD's of the Sampler  and Antique Quarterly for Christmas.  Never really looked at them.  Decided to take a gander at the first CD, to see if there is anything I might like to stitch.  Especially since it wouldn't involve me buying another chart. 

Well that led to me creating a spreadsheet of the sampler charts in each issue. Not sure what I'm going to do that info or how to make it useful for someone else. Or even if it would've useful to anyone else. Have to ponder on that a bit more.

The bathroom renovation has come to a complete halt.  Waiting for the hubby to sand two walls that needed to be fixed, due to the difference of the vanity we took out, and the new one we are putting in.

I did order a hand towel ring and an over the toilet wall storage cabinet.  Waiting to hear from a company that makes unfinished  frames for mirrors. We were able to selvidge the mirror that was in there.  I'll just paint it white, and have the hubby take it to this place to cut it down and put it in the frame. 

Nothing much new to report. So until next week Happy Stitching.


  1. You made good progress on Jane Woodward, Pam. Her colors are such happy ones. Hope you have a fabulous week!