Sunday, September 25, 2016

Jane Woodward Sampler - Week 4

Can't believe I've been working on this sampler for a whole month.  Doesn't seem like it! 

Maybe because I have been doing other things?!

Love all the different motifs!  And stitching has been a breeze since I finished the Algerian Eye stitches.  I had to move my scroll rods twice since last week.

As you can see I made the turn to the bottom of the sampler border.  Think I'll switch over to the left side and work on the border, turn and motifs on that side.  

Pulled out my serger, and prepared the edges of Loara Standish fabric.  While it was out fixed about 5 long sleeved t-shirts of my husbands.  He somehow manages to rip them out underneath the arms. All fixed! 

I finished with the deep cleaning of the Jack and Jill bathroom and my daughter's bedroom, just in time for them to both come home this weekend and mess it up!  Well at least it will be easier to clean up this time.

The basement bathroom renovation still continues.  Right now I'm busy priming and painting all sorts of pieces of wood that will be necessary to finish it up.   My mother returns Oct. 8 from Illinois, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed hubby's gonna kick it into overdrive!

Maybe this week the dogs will get their baths and much needed haircut for Dixie. 
Plus ear cleaning, nail cutting and other things that occur when dog grooming.

Not much else going on, but doesn't mean I'm not busy!  Try to keep myself busy, keeps the mind and body in shape!

So until next week!  Happy stitching!


  1. The sampler is really beatiful.
    It is so good to get visits from our loved ones!

    1. Paula my mom lives with us. She's been visiting my sister in Illinois for 3 months. She goes up there in the summer, otherwise it's too cold for her!

  2. Great progress, Pam! Congratulations on getting that corner turned on the right side. Good for you on getting the deep cleaning finished on the bathroom and your daughter's bedroom.

    1. Made the turn on left side, and the burgandy single line, lined up and is finished. Yea!