Sunday, October 16, 2016

Loara Standish - Week Two

Very happy with my progress this week!  I managed to complete bands 5 - 7. 

I was happy to find out, there are only 20 some bands in this sampler, instead of 40 bands like I originally thought.  Not promising I can always complete more than a single band a week, but in anticipating how long it will take me to stitch this, 5 months is way better than 10 months!  Especially since this is my very last sampler with a copyright date within the 1980's.  I am very looking forward to moving into the 1990's copyright date samplers.  I have some real goodies!

Nothing much going on here.  I decided to go get a haircut.  My hair had grown out a lot since my last haircut.  I showed the stylist this picture of the haircut I wanted.

This is the haircut I got!  Thankfully, it will grow out, but it's definitely a lot shorter, than I would have liked.

So...with that, I'll sign off, till next week.  Happy stitching all.  Must return to my Loara!


  1. Wonderful progress on Loara, Pam! Nice new do! Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. "Loara" is growing lovely. The hair it will grow 1 cm per month, so m y hairdresser tells me. Ii looks really nice! But it will grow, no worries!