Saturday, February 11, 2017

Ann Rayner - 1839 Finish

This evening I put the last stitches in Ann.  Thankful, I am done, just so I can move on to another project(s).  I think before I start another sampler from the 1990's, I have some other things that I really need to take care of, that have been sort of postponed, while I sewed like a fiend, to finish Ann.

Things like house cleaning, and I really do have a few sewing projects, I really have to finish.  Can tell you, I am still not 100%.  I've had this terrible cold, and it just seems to want to linger on.  Been doing a lot of sleeping, so it's a wonder I got any sewing done!  Plan to try to go to bed early this evening, since I didn't work in a nap today.  Hopefully tomorrow, I will feel even better.

I did manage to purchase another chart.  Couldn' t resist!  Someone was stitching it on one of the FB groups, and it just called out to me.  Luckily, I found the chart on ebay, for around $13.00 plus postage, and since I had all these ebay bucks from Christmas shopping, the chart cost me, a whopping $1.72.

Name of chart is Eugenie Deval by Reflects de Soie.  Hasn't arrived yet, but I understand it is in transit.

Well, I also managed to sell the Hall Tree this week.  Got it out of the house, and figured the $150. I made from the sale, goes to offset some of the cost I paid for the Grandfather clock.  I also told my husband, I needed to start saving towards getting some of my cross stitch framed, as they are really beginning to pile up!  Although I love the sewing, they don't do me very much good, rolled up, and kept in a box.  Plus, maybe it's a good time to try to go for my sampler wall.

Well,, that's bought all for this week!  Happy Stitching all!


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  1. Pam, congratulations on your finish. Ann Raynor is simply gorgeous. I hope you are feeling better and the cold loosens it hold on you. Enjoy your week!