Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ann Raynor - 1839

I'm late on last week's post and early on this week's post.  So, I'm consolidating them together.
Ann is still moving along.   I keep stitching and stitching and stitching some more and am no closer to seeing the end in sight.  At times, I look at it and feel I haven't made any progress, but I know that I have.

The lady and man, still remain headless, only because they are one thread over one thread.  I have been doing some of the stitching on the women's arm, but have been skipping around on stitching ALOT!  When I get tired of working on one color or on one particular area I skip to someplace else.
I guess that's the beauty of stitching samplers.  But the house!   UGH!  It seems to be never ending!  I don't know how my sister does it, since her sampler of choice, usually contain some sort of house!

Here are some pictures I took last week, which had I been a good blogger, would have been included in that post.

I am happy to report that my kit that I requested for Christmas from European Reproductions finally arrived.  Well over a month, it took to arrive here safely in Manassas.  The picture on the chart
(as chart pictures often do!) does not reflect the beauty of this sampler.   However, I hope you can see by the thread colors, what a beauty it will be, when I finally get around to this in my stash!

Made some cookies this week, cleaned a few bathroom, and as always, the never ending laundry, that even when it's now only two people is needed to be done quite often!

After searching for months, I finally got my grandfather clock that I have been searching for.  Very happy with my choice!  It's a Ridgeway, originally made in Va., but now made side by side, by Howard Miller Co. of  Michigan.  So.....I have both states that have become home to me.  It's not very tall, but that's okay.  The case was in really good condition, and the chimes is very soothing, and it keeps really great time.  The man, who sold us the clock, told us it was made in 1972, the year I graduated from high school.  Guess it was meant to be.  Not sure what the next thing I will be on the look out for! 

Now I can get rid of the hall tree that I have had for many years, that have become a convenient dumping ground.  Drives me nuts, especially since the hall closet is almost directly across from it.
Not sure, whether to donate it, junk it, or try to sell it.  You know what they say about someone's junk is another person's treasure!

Well, that's bout all this week.  Messed up about the Phil Vassar concert!  It's actually tonight, and we are leaving the house at 5:30 to make sure we get there, find a place to park and get situated!  Can't wait for him to sing Amazing Grace.  Not the church song! 

Until next week!  A very happy productive stitching to one and all!


  1. You've been a busy lady! Love the progress you've made on the sampler. And your grandfather clock is stunning.

  2. Pam, I think you continue to make fabulous progress on your sampler. I am glad your ordered kit finally arrived safe and sound. What a great find on the grandfather clock! Enjoy this evening's concert and have a wonderful week.