Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ann Rayner - 1839

Little late on posting (yet again!).  No good excuse this week.  Have been stitching my little heart out on Ann.  I really just love the colors!  At this point, I'm about a 2/3rds done.

I was able to help out another stitcher this week, as she really wanted this chart.  I was able to locate a copy at In Stitches.  I try to do this, as much as possible.  Just like when all the people were looking for the Mon Ami Pierre  Renouveau chart.  I just happened to go to In Stitches and realized they had 3 copies of the chart.  I was able to go back through my FB post and find 3 stitches that were specifically looking for this chart. 

Perhaps that makes up for the flack, that some stitchers,  feel if you have the audacity to sell your used charts, or charts that you never stitched, and were never going to stitch.  Then you were doing something really bad.  Some of the quotes were "piracy, stealing, etc." Believe me, for a long time I didn't sell my charts.  Just held onto them.  But....there comes a time, when you have quite a bit of money sitting there.  Where, if you divested yourself of these charts, you could actually buy a few newer charts, or fabrics, or threads. 

Making sure first, by checking with my husband, the patent attorney, to ensure I wasn't doing anything wrong.  I got quite the education on copyright law, and First Point of Sale Law.  I'm glad for several reasons!  I know that I am not doing anything illegal, and maybe, just maybe I help educate some other stitchers, that the Copyright police are not going to come to your door and drag you away, should you decide to sell a few charts.  Plus, what really makes me get rid of my used stash, is the women that I remember, who became cross stitch hoarders, and then passed away, leaving their families to sort through and deal with all the stuff.  In fact, my sister just sent me a whole box of Cross Stitch back issue magazines, that I can dispose of how I feel fit.  Definitely will try to sell those, and what isn't sold, will go in the recycle bin, so I can save a tree or two!
Am still waiting for one of my Christmas presents from European Reproductions.  My husband ordered a kit for me, and according to Sabine, it was mailed on 12/15.  So far, it's a no show.  I anxiously await the mail each day in hopes that it will have arrived.  But...if it's anything like the chart I mailed to someone in August and didn't show up until December, I may have a long wait!

All the decorations are down, and stored away for another year.  It went by so quickly.  I haven't a clue when the next time I will see one, or all my children.  They are grown and have their own lives and are just busy.  I do get a text once in awhile from one or all of them.  Lets me know they are thinking of me. 

Bout all for this week, Happy Stitching!

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  1. Ann is looking mighty fine, Pam. I hope you have a wonderful weekend; hopefully it won't be too icy in your part of the state.