Monday, January 16, 2017

Ann Rayner - 1839

Another update on the lovely Ann.  I could have posted last night and for some reason, just got side-tracked. 

Was so happy to have the second 1/3rd finished, so that I could move my scroll rods up.  Always makes me feel like I'm making huge progress, if I get to move the scroll rods.

Soon, I will be working on the whole farm, sheep scene at the bottom of the chart.  The thing that really drew me to this chart, when I saw it displayed at the Woodlawn Embroidery Show, many years ago.

I did a bit of going back on my blog, and discovered I only purchased Ann in 2014.  As a final reprint from Threads through Times before she closed her door to cross stitch charts.  So....very lucky considering this chart has been around since 1990.

Today, I had to ask for a refund from European Reproductions, for a kit, my husband ordered for me for Christmas.  Sadly, it has never arrived.  So....asked Paypal for a refund, and will now have to reorder, from Sabine, and hope I have better luck on the second order.

Speaking of ordering, over Christmas, I ordered what I thought to be 2 of those bathroom scrubber things they show on TV.  One for the rest of the bathrooms, and one for exclusive use by my mother for her bathroom.  I haven't a clue, how it happened, or exactly what I did wrong, but somehow I ended up with FIVE of these things.  After talking to customer service, they said, I could send them back.  Big FAT lie.  Only if I was willing to pay the $45.00 to mail them back. kids all get a bathroom scrubber, whether they want one, need one.

I got to see my daughter this weekend.  She surprised us by showing up late Friday nite, with her idiot dog Dopey.  Not his actual name, but what I call him, since he's got as many brain cells as a potato.  He's a nuisance.  Chews on everything, and if he can't chew on it, then he urinates on it! 
So, you can imagine that I spent some of my day, mopping the kitchen floor.  I'm sure my two dogs are all so glad to see him leave.  He's sort of a bully to them, with my dogs being both older and smaller.  And.....the house is quieter, since Dopey is also a howler!

On the agenda this week, is more stitching, and I get to see Phil Vasser in Alexandria, Va.  Tickets my hubby bought me for my birthday.  Other than that, it's gonna be a quiet week!  So...until next week - Happy Stitching!!!!!!


  1. Pam, you made great progress on Ann since your last update. Glad you were able to have a visit with your daughter; sorry about her dog though. Enjoy your week!

  2. Thanks! Think the bottom 1/3rd will not be whipped out in a week! Lots more details and solid stitching (grass). Yea, I really do like dogs! I just don't care for hers! She was home to trade in her Smart car and get herself what she refers to as an adult car. She bought some Toyota cross over with AWD. Specially now that she is considered essential personnel. I heard via my hubby, that Dopey broke in the new car by urinating on the seat. You know what they say about karma......