Sunday, March 19, 2017

Needle's Work Sampler - Week 3 & 4

It's amazing to me sometimes, the way the days and weeks go by.  All of a sudden, I realize I have neglected to post and update to my blog, and I feel sorta bad about that.

It's been a particularly busy week at the Casa de Tanner!  We got new windows in our kitchen.  Totally replaced the jalousie windows, with the screens on the inside to regular double hung windows.  Course, to install the windows, the blinds had to come down.  Once the installation was done, hubbie says "it's ok to put the blinds back up!"  They were totally disgusting.  Dirty, dusty, and so I decided to give all four of them baths, before I hung them back up.  Why does it always seems, you go to do one project, and it creates several more?    Takes time to wipe down all those slats!

In addition, my mother wanted some pants hemmed. - Like a good daughter, I volunteered!  Except my Babylock sewing machine decided to go all loosey-goosey on me, and wouldn't stitch correctly.  After pulling out the instructions, rethreading it, redoing the bobbin, replacing the needle, it still didn't stitch!  Time to take her into the experts and get a tune-up!   Thankfully, I was never did dispose of my Sears Kenmore sewing machine.  I pulled that one out, and it worked like a champ!
Still more stitching projects that need to be done, a tent flap, pillow covers.......

Somewhere, I need to work in stitching a Christmas ornament, for someone, who passed away.  Finally found a chart that I thought was appropriate for the family, in remembrance of their loved one.

I took in 6 of my samplers to be framed this week.  I won't go into gory details, but even with a 70% off coupon, it was almost as much as people in Michigan spend on a beater car for winter!  Luckily I also had some gift cards too, so that brought the out of pocket expense down too.  Pictures to follow, when they are back from the framers!

Have you ever used to the video chat on FB?  I accidently butt dialed, a lady in Oregon this week, she was kind enough to return the call, even though I apologized and told her it was a mistake.  We spent the next hour and a half, talking about samplers, and framing, and silk threads vs. DMC. It was a wonderful talk and experience!

And before I end today, I want to further opine about the internet!  Having access to the internet is a wonderful thing, you can buy things, research things, reconnect with family and friends without ever leaving the four walls of your home.  But, the downside is, that there are people that think it's perfectly okay to say anything they want, or however they want to, from the safety of their own keyboard.  I don't post or share political posts!  Why!?   Because everyone doesn't share my beliefs or my opinions.  Just like I may not share theirs!  It's not my job in life to sway anyone's beliefs or opinions.  People need to ask themselves a few questions before they hit the send or share button!
1.  If I was in front of a person, would I bring this up in a conversation?  To someone who may be an acquaintances and not one of your BFF's?  Would you say something snarky or mean if you were standing face to face with someone?  Probably not!  If the answers are no, then save yourself some hassle by not hitting send or share.

And with that, I wish you all a great week and happy stitching!


  1. Hey Pam! You got your curlicues finished. LOL Good job! The sampler is looking great. Sounds like you enjoyed your talk with the stitcher in Oregon. I'm interested to know how the conversation went concerning the silks vs. the dmc? I like them both, the feel and behavior of silks, but I also like the color array to choose from of dmc, plus when you use one strand on 40 ct, it is very enjoyable.

    Have a great evening and thanks for sharing your stitching!

    1. Having no experience with silks, I can't say I have any great editorial to pass on about the use of silk threads. Never used em, can't afford to start collecting another type of threads. The other stitcher has used silks, there were ones that she liked more than others. But agreed DMC is underrated, especially by the purists. Killer is a lot of samplers weren't stitched with silk because only the very rich could afford them. I keep repeating it's a hobby! As long as the individual enjoys what they stitch, what they use to stitch, how it's framed, should be limited to the personal choice of the stitcher.

  2. Pam, your progress on the sampler is great. I am enjoying it come to life; I bet it is an enjoyable stitch. Enjoy your week!

  3. Pam, are you not on fb at all anymore? I can't find you. I wanted to look back on some private messaging that we had about thread storage, etc.