Sunday, March 5, 2017

Needle's Work Sampler - Week Two

Wanted to share this week's progress on my little reproduction style sampler.  

Haven't worked on this particular sampler as much as I have previous samplers. Only because I have had other things that must be done.  But, I did want to show this part of the sampler, which I'm going to refer to as "death by a 100 curly cues!"  Luckily the band right beneath is a single row of Italian cross stitch and also more letters of the quotes.  Will definitely be skipping around, so that I won't be bored by stitching one curly cue after another.

I did manage to get Dixie cut.  Took her outside today it, on a particularly nice day in No. Va.  picked up all the dog hair, and once I tossed it, I realized I should have left it for the birds for their spring nests.  Still needed to brush out her legs and chest area and do some scissor cutting.  But, like previously stated, a bit at a time with Dixie, since her tolerance to being fooled with is minimal.

I was invited back to the FB group I left last week,  over a kerfuffle about my post, by the administrator.  Really appreciate the invite back, but am debating whether to or not! 

Not much else going on this week to report!  So, to my readers - Happy Stitching!

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  1. Your sampler is looking good, Pam. Glad you are cutting Dixie cut a bit at a time. Enjoy your week!