Thursday, July 20, 2017

Love Never Fails - Barbara Ana Designs

Hello readers!  Back at it again!  Truth to be told, I would have updated my blog yesterday, but I spent the whole day, trying to back up my photos from my iPhone.  Something according to YouTube videos and also articles on the internet are supposed to be so easy to do.  The reason being, as I refuse to spend more money on storage, especially when it's a monthly fee, not a one time purchase.

I'm sure if anyone of my three children were here, that are a lot my technically experts than I am, it would have been completed in a nano second.  For me, I had to just keep plugging along, until I found something that actually worked, or rather I could get it to work.   You're probably asking yourself why I did this!  It's because I kept getting these pesky reminders that I was running out of Icloud space.  Believe me, I was.   Filled up with text messages and photos, my icloud, and soon my phone would have been overflowing!

After much research, I finally downloaded Google Photos to my phone, which is a free app., backed up all my photos, videos, etc., to it, then when in and deleted all the pictures on my phone.  I now have more than half of my available storage back! Plus a picture I took this morning was already showing up in the Google Photos place, which means the transfer is immediate.  Plus it's unlimited storage of those photos for free.  Course the proof will be in the pudding, in whether I will be able to post pictures to the blog.

Not that it previously hasn't been a real chore as it is!  Blogger decided not to update it's application for mobile devices, so, the only way I can post to blogger is through my lap top.  If I tried to make an entry to my blog through my phone, it would freeze, erase everything, do some crazy stuff.  I live my life through the belief that there is more than one way to "skin a cat!"  (sorry animal lovers, I would never actually skin a cat, but it a familiar saying!) So to fix that little bleep, I would type my post through my lap top, then use my phone to edit the post, just to add pictures.  Now it seems I may be able to do all that, from the laptop.  HOPE HOPE.

As my previous post states, I lost my stitching MOJO for Ann Hill.  It still is on my floor stand, but I decided to pull out a random sampler, that looked easy, had the fabric for, and just work on that for the time being!  Love Never Fails by Barbara Ana Designs.  Copy right 2014.  I found that I had the right count of fabric in my stash, probably a lighter in the color, than recommended, but hey, got to use up the stash when you can!  As I catch up on every episode of "Persons of Interest," I stitch away!
I finally know where, and when the two women characters came to be, and where the dog came from.
Something I had no idea about. 

Cute little reproduction style sampler, done in I think they call it Frankur style.  With my German, Pennsylvania Dutch heritage, I just sort of speaks to me. 

Other than that, nothing much is going on.  Waiting for some 27 ct., unbleached/raw linen to come.  Good price, and I have several charts which call for it.  Hoping to get several of out the piece I bought.

With that, I will end!  Guess I figured out the whole upload thing!  Happiest of Stitching!


  1. Love Never Fails looks good, Pam! I really like the colors in this design. Glad you were able to upload/transfer your stuff. Technology is great except when it isn't. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Hey Pam~

      Have been thinking about you and wondering if you are doing okay.

  2. Pam, I'm loving your start on Love Never Fails. I turned mine into a wedding sampler with color and design changes. This girl just can't seem to stitch anything as charted these days 🙄.

    With the world practically using phones as a second computer these days, I'm bamfuzzled as to why we can't use Blogger to create posts with pictures on these phones. I guess when something is free I should just lower my standards a bit (sigh). Happy stitching.

    1. I think that with FB not a lot of people are blogging anymore, so it's probably a money decision by the developers not to further update or improve Blogger app. Funny I was thinking bout giving Love Never Fails as a wedding gift too! My cousins son is getting married in October.