Monday, February 10, 2014

Owls - Update 1

I decided I was going to knock out some smaller projects before I begin any larger stitching projects.  This week I began an Owl Sampler for my sister in law.  This will be a Christmas present for 2014.  After looking at many owl patterns I found this one on Etsy.  It can be downloaded for a price of $4.50, and if you have access to a printer, printed out to begin stitching.

This is not my usual style of projects that I like to do.  I am a sampler girl through and through.  Maybe this one appealed to me because it called an owl sampler.  But....if I am going to work on a project that isn't for me, I certainly want it to have pretty colors and be at least cute.  Think this fills the requirements.

I made a beginners error, when I believed the information on the directions for the size, without using my handy dandy stitch calculator.  I almost had the first owl finished, when I realized that the fabric did not look large enough to have 3 owls across, plus room for framing.  Darn!  Stuff happens.  

As an avid stitcher, I am always looking for something that will make sewing easier.  Recently I received a catalog from Herrschner's with something in it that looked interesting.  I am pretty sure that I had seen this thing used by someone else on Google community but wasn't sure what it was.  Herrschners was selling it for just under $40.  It came with extra cards, and a bag to store it in.  Since none of my stitching is every put away, a bag is a waste.  I ended up going on e-bay and was able to locate the same thing for $19.  No extra cards or a bag.  I started using this immediately, and it sure has saved time.  Down side is the boxes on the cards are not big enough to write the DMC or any type of thread # in them.  What I ended up doing was taking a copy of the symbols page, cutting them out and gluing them to the card.  Works perfectly, I also stocked up on embroidery needles, so that I would have enough for each thread color I was using.   Since I like to skip around when stitching, I had already threaded needles with the correct colors just waiting for me.

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