Sunday, February 16, 2014

Owls - Update 2

It was a busy week this week, yet I still managed to get in some really good stitching time.  Maybe because of all the snow we received here in Virginia, we were snowed in, so with no place to go, cleaning house or stitching.  HMMMMMM tough decision - stitching it is!

My husband gifted me with a dozen red roses for Valentine's Day.  So thoughtful!  I sent my daughter who is away at college, a dozen Shari's Berries.  They unfortunately got held up for delivery, as they had to be shipped through Charlotte, NC.  Charlotte was one of the areas hit by the ice storm.  Berries arrived yesterday, all nice and still very fresh, as they packed the berries with an ice pack to keep them nice and fresh.  Daughter was a happy camper, and there were enough berries to share with roommates.

A quick run to Norfolk, Va. to pick up my oldest son's truck.  He left on Saturday, for a nine month deployment with the Navy.  Hard to believe I won't see him till November.  We are storing his truck and have possession of his cat, until he returns.

Meanwhile, I think I know what I am going to start on next, after the completion of the Owls.  Years ago my sister sent me all her cross stitch magazines.  I went through them, and held onto several issues of things that I might be interested in sewing.  There is a 3 part series of a Amish farm scene.  Each scene is sewed separately and framed separately, but hung together to complete one picture.  I think over the next couple of projects, I will work on one, then do something different, then do the second scene......sounds like a plan.

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