Monday, March 3, 2014

Through the Years Gone - Jan Houtman

What is it that they say about a rolling stone gathers no moss?  As soon as I finished my Needlework project, I started going through my stash.  I decided to start on Jan Houtman's - Through the Years Gone sampler.  This is the largest project I have ever undertaken.  The finished size is 17 1/2" high and 38 3/8" wide, not including additional fabric for finishing and framing.   The Sampler uses over 60 different DMC colors.

It took me awhile to pull all the threads.  Plus set up my floor stand for such a large project.  Thankfully I asked for stretcher strips and cross bar for my floor stand for Christmas, knowing that I would need them for this piece.  

I bought this pattern several years ago, and bought the fabric at the same time.  I looked, the piece of 36 ct. Edinboro Antique White fabric was $66.00.  Think this was the year, my kids give me a bunch of Visa/Master Card gift cards, and this is how I spent it.


  1. Have fun with your new project. Love the Owls.

  2. WOWZER! That is huge! (& gorgeous, though!) I'm struggling working on one that's only 15"x12".

    1. I know! I must be crazy! Or addicted. Lol