Monday, March 31, 2014

Through the Years - Jan Houtman - Page Three

I know I have been bad about posting on my blog.  But.....I have perfectly good excuses.  First, a few weeks ago, I was hustling down the basement steps, and thought I was closer to the bottom then I actually was.  Tried to catch myself, and ended up breaking my metatarsals on my left foot.  Supposedly this is a dancer's break, which is funny, since I barely can dance.  It took almost two weeks to get into an orthopedic doctor, so I was hobbling around with a splint and crutches.  I am evidently very uncoordinated and fell at least 3 times off the crutches.  Finally got a boot, and am ecstatic with that, because I don't feel so dependent and a lot more mobile. 

Then, my CPU was making noise, and we thought that perhaps by cleaning off the fans, it would do the trick.  Well, maybe I waited a tad bit too long, and when I went to hook the computer back up, there was Nothing!  Hubby took the CPU to Best Buy, and we were given the news that the mother board was fried/toast/kaput - Elvis has left the building.

My hubby stopped at Staples and bought me home a brand new laptop.  I am still trying to figure it all out.  I finally managed to get my photos uploaded from my computer.  Figured out to edit them.  Now this if my first attempt to update my blog, and add a picture to my update.  Keeping fingers crossed that this will work!  Otherwise, I'm going to have to send my hubby out to Barnes and Nobles to purchase Windows 8 for Idiots!


  1. Hope your foot's feeling better! You are really coming along on the "Through the Years" . . . goodness, you're fast! Also, glad you're liking the brighter colors, 'cause they sure don't look like the original picture.

    1. Yes, foot is feeling better, thanks to the boot! Considering I've had to stay off the foot for 3 weeks until I got the boot, I had lots of stitching time. You are so right about the colors. Imagine my shock when I started this, and the first letter was in bright red. The picture on the chart looks like it's done in blues/green/purples more subtle colors. I'm okay with the various colors, keeps it interesting.