Sunday, January 25, 2015

Amish Life - Tending the Garden - Week 2

My basement is beginning to look like my basement again!  Almost all the boxes have gone away.  There are a few random pieces of furniture I still need to find a home for.  Plus the electronic hook ups, which my hubby has so generously volunteered to do.  At that point my mother will be full moved in and integrated into our home.  

One thing her move has caused me to do, is go through my own stuff and toss or donate. Yup even the cross stitch!  Got rid of charts that I know I will never do.   Got rid of some fabrics.  Found cassesette tapes that obviously we don't use or haven't listened to in ages.  

I even went through my closet.  Had to since my hubby built shoe shelves for me.  Must make room for the shoes.

Amazingly I still had time to stitch.  This is my current week progress.

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