Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dunvegan Sampler - Week 2

After the first week and 3 days, I thought I'd be whipping this project out in no time at all.  What's that saying about counting your chickens......boy was I totally off!

I was whipping through those first four pages because they were easy.  Come to pages 5-8.  Not so much!

Turns out for anyone that has this chart in their stash, the directions, are well, not all that great.  Course wouldn't you know the designer has retired.  And there are no corrections listed on her site for this chart that was last updated in 2007.  Guess I'll being using my best judgement of what she meant.

The border,  well not only does it zigzag, but it zigzags within the zigzag.  Making as much opportunity for someone, like me, who counts 3 times and still manages to get it wrong!

I spent as much time frogging as I did stitching!   (Rip it, Rip it!)

Alas, I finally bit the bullet and ran baste lines along the sides to help me stay on track.  Not to say that I won't make any further booboo's but at least I can hope the baste lines will help me find my mistakes sooner.

I also managed to buy fabric for five more charts in my stash.  Two pieces of linen, one for Susan Rambo and it escapes me right now what the other piece was for.

In addition I purchased a yard of a very specific Aida from Yarntree that Moira Blackburn suggests to use for her charts.  So happy that I managed to squeeze out 3 pieces for 3 of her charts I have in my stash.

Looking forward to March so I can purchase a few more pieces of fabric!

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