Monday, February 16, 2015

Dunvegan Sampler - Week one and 3 days

Got to say this sampler has been quite the challenge.  I have managed to work through pages 1-4, although not completely finished with those.  Lots of detail and thread color changes.  Lots of vines, and I still have lots of Algerian eyelid stitches to do in the middle of the flowers.  

In stitching the big letters I realized that one of the colors was the exact same shade as the fabric.  Tried replacing with white and that wasn't any better.  Ended up switching to 930 since it was already used in the little letters.

Guess that's what I get when I chose a fabric without pulling the colors.  Happy with the result!

I managed to order some more linen for a couple of future projects and a whole yard of a specific Aida that Moria Blackburn likes her projects sewn on.

In an attempt to further organize myself, I went through my book and found projects I haven't bought fabric for.  I used my handy dandy stitch calculator from yarntree to calculate the fabric needed and then estimated cost of the fabric using 123 stitch or several other sites.  Since I allot myself a budget every month to spend on my hobby, at least I'll know whether I can buy one piece of fabric or several.  

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