Monday, March 16, 2015

Dunvegan Sampler - Week 5

I am officially on pages D1-D4!   Which means I am officially on the bottom of this sampler!  Still lots of detail to do within the sampler and the never ending border.

Definitely won't be finished by the end of this week.  But gotta be happy with a six week finish. And since it's so close to the finish I can start dreaming about what's next!   Do I I do the 3rd section of Amish Life, start another big sampler, or do some smaller projects?  So many choices.

 Know lots of stitchers that switch colors in the chart on a regular basis.  I rarely do it.  Maybe cuz I don't feel so creative and think the color I substitute will clash.  But I have had to do this a couple of times.  I switched out the beige for a blue in the large letters. Then when I got to the verse it called for a light gold.  Trouble was it was one thread over one thread, and I didn't feel I could see it.  If I have to take the time to stitch like that, I definately want it to be seen! I went with one color ( also used in the sampler) darker. Wouldn't you know the birds in the next line down called for the darker hold, so I switched them to the lighter gold.

In addition the chart called for the tge third line of the verse to be just the numbers if the year.  It looked so lonely. Ripped it out and spent the rest of the day charting out on graph paper then stitching the spelled out words of the year.  Looks better to me!

Last night finished the satin stitches for the grass before I went to bed.  But when I started making mistakes I knew it as time to call it a night. Rip outs and re stitching awaits for me this morning.

This week I got my new serger.  I had one, but it was so colicated I was afraid to use it! I finally did some research and found one that is highly recommended for beginners.  Or as I told my husband, serger for idiots. Can't wait to start using it to serge all my linen edges.  

But even though the serger was a bigger cost purchase, I'm more excited that I was finally able to purchase the chart for Frances Eden 1809 by Handworks.  I saw this sampler on one f the FB groups and fell in love.  Wouldn't you know the sampler is out of print, and the designer retired.  I was a woman in a mission to obtain the chart.  I started contacting complete strangers, most who had already sold their chart or willed it to someone else. I figured it was the one that got away!  But then one came up on eBay!  Spent a lot more than I should, and I probably will frame the actually chart along with the sampler. 

On top of that, the fabric recommended is no longer available. Must have been my week, when I walked into the LNS and she had a piece of the fabric with enough to stitch the sampler.  I'm in stitcher heaven!

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