Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dunvegan Sampler - Week 4

Hoping to have the building completely finished as of this post.  But since I discovered an error on my part, earlier in the day, I spent the next several hours ripping out stitches, then re-stitching.  

Since the only part left is filling in some windows, and stitching the stairs, I decided to call it quits for the night
and start anew tomorrow!  Right under the house there is a large grassy area, which according to the directions are to be done in satin stitch.  Know how to do it, know what it's suppose to look like, but sure wish the designer had better directions, illustration, or even a picture of how she  intended for it to look.  

I have also left the thistle to do later!  Working up my nerve, since it's all in queen stitches.  Bad enough that one of the flowers called for diamond eyelight stitches when it only allowed for it to be done in four measily squares after several attempts, I think I finally got it right.

I am now at the bottom of pages C1-C4, which includes a verse, stitched over one thread.  But I have already copied D1-D4, taped them together in hopes that I'll be able to start those sometime this week 

On a brighter note, may have some news to share on my next post.  Not giving any hints as, I don't want to jinx it.  But readers keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. may I add, the detail, depth and beauty of your stitchings really has wow factor...