Monday, September 14, 2015

My Tropical Amish Sampler - Week Two

Hello stitchers! I am so happy with the progress I made this week!

This one of those samplers that began in fits and starts, and knocking on wood, is just moving along quite nicely.  It is also one of those samplers that I keep looking at, after I complete a motif, a section....because the colors are so luscious.  There is just some pieces because of the design, because of the colors, that just make me feel happy!

Pretty non eventful week.  I managed to deep clean my son's bedroom and the Jack and Jill bathroom he shares with his sister.  Just in time evidently as he came home this weekend for a boys weekend with his father.

Saturday night they were in Richmond for the NASCAR race and Sunday they attended the Redskins game. I had the whole house to myself! I always joke I could run through the house naked, if I wanted to. Not that I'd really want to, but I could. Besides I do the best cleaning in my Jammies. Which I usually do in the common areas when no one is home.

I also ran a quick errand and made up a care package for my son to take back to school. He loves my pasta salad, and actually come home Fri night, only to go to the store so that he could get some of the ingredients, so he could make some to take back to school. 

Even though I gave him the recipe for it, he said he didn't have all the spices called for in the recipe, back at the townhouse.  So the care package consisted of a package of wacky Mac pasta, a roll of hard salami, bottles of olive oil and vinegar, can sliced black olives, and the 8-10 other things called for.  He can buy his own cheese! I got a big ole hug and a "mom you're the best!"

I also managed to pack up and Mail the box of baking pans I had purchased for my step daughter. It was a large, heavy box.  Postage alone was $35.00.  I sent her several things from Amazon too.  She might not know how to cook, bake now, but when she does, her kitchen will be stocked.

Last week I was wading through my craft storage.  Found this.

Obviously bought it for someone who was having a baby and never got around to it.  Very simple quilt which I'm gonna try to complete before my nephew is in the area for work.  We are gonna meet him for dinner.  So I can whip this up and get rid of one more thing taking up room.

Well that's bout all for this week.  Happy stitching!


  1. Your progress on the Tropical Amish Sampler is moving along, Pam. I like the bunch of carnations under the C and D along with the basket of flowers. Look forward to seeing the baby quilt made up. Care to share your pasta salad recipe.

    Robin in Virginia

    1. Finished the quilt last night. Trying to figure out how to insert pic of my pasta dressing for you. I use the wacky Mac or any tri colored spiral pasta. I add diced hard salami, and usually Colby and cheddar cheese and red onion and sliced black olives. You could add whatever else you want. I double the recipe for the dressing because the pasta and ingredients sort of suck it up. Also because I use olive oil instead of vegetable oil, it's better to bring it out of the fridge so it's not so cold, because cold temps really affect the olive oil. Please disregard where I wrote paprika on the recipe. Haven't a clue why it's there!

    2. Added recipe to bottom of the original post.