Monday, September 7, 2015

My Tropical Quaker Sampler - Week 1

Well I think I finally have my grove back!  Last Sun. I  put a few stitches in this sampler, which is intended to be a Christmas gift, for my step daughter.

From there it was completely downhill.  I made some many beginner errors of being off, I spent a great deal of time cutting out the stitching, restitching, only to find out I was still off.

It's as if, somehow during the hiatus, I forgot how to count and had no spacial ability to see I was off.

I said it before and I'll say it again that sometimes the easiest charts are the same ones I have more problems with.  Not to be deterred, (must be that German ancestry stubborness), I finally whipped out the red hand quilting thread and ran some graph lines.

And from there, I was off to the races! Page one is almost completely finished. Happy with that progress considering I didn't have much stitching time, and I spent a lot of that time as stated before, stitching, ripping out, restitching, ripping out again.  If I didn't have that, I may have been well into page two.  But I prefer to have glass half full of what I did complete!

Status on the baby blanket!  Not good! I full intended to post a picture of that as well.  Except I found I somehow added 2 stitches that weren't supposed to be there.  Once again spent much time ripping out row upon row of knitting.  So the only thing I could share would be a pile of lose yarn!  The joys of crafting!

I suppose I could have just knitted several stitches together to get the count corrected, but I would know.  I'll just have to knit faster to recoup.  Good thing the baby isn't due till December.  Here's a good laugh - this baby blanket is supposed to be able to be completed in 8 hours. I suppose there are people out there that could do it, but it isn't me!

Until next week happy stitching!!!!!

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  1. Sorry your Tropical Quaker was giving you problems, Pam! Here is to smooth stitching here on out.

    Robin in Virginia