Thursday, November 5, 2015

Karoline Beringer 1890 - Finish

Little early in my post this week.  But guess it makes up for some of the times I  was a bit late in posts.

This was a quick stitch!  It took me about a week.  Mostly because it was straight cross stitch and straight lines so it wasn't a lot of counting.

This was sort of a filler since my next sampler in rotation is another larger sampler.  Although I have several smaller pieces in my stash and maybe I should start doing a big project, a small, a big, a small....something to ponder!

I also finished the two scarves, and can now mail the scarves and baby blankets mailed to the recepients.

I must finish my sewing kit from the Altoid tin.  Tonight I spent an hour in Hancocks looking at ribbon and trim to finish it off. Must say, their selection is pretty slim. But I still managed to find some that I think will work.

One if these days I'll pull out the yarn I bought to make my mother a shawl.  She seems to get chilly and it would be better than using one of the throws as a shawl.  

I pulled out all my finished projects and I have 10 that are unframed.  Hubby says I can take a few in for framing, but the difficulty will be, deciding which ones.

I have been incredibly fortunate and I don't have a lot of things I want, or for that matter need.  I think the only thing I will put on my Christmas list is Michaels and 123 Stitch gift cards.  Although a new easy to use digital camera would be nice. 

With that I'm going to wish all Happy stitching for another week!

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  1. Congratulations on your finish of Karoline! She looks fabulous. I really like the pop of colors. Way to go on getting the scarves finished! So, will you start a big piece or pull another smaller piece? Looking forward to seeing what makes the framing cut!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!