Saturday, November 28, 2015

Mexican School Girl Practice - Week 3

Even with all the Thanksgiving dinner preparations, I still managed to get in some stitching.

I finished the last page that runs across the top of the sampler.  Course I miss at admit that some of my time was spent ripping out a few lines, when I realized I had added an extra curly cue to the brown motif, and therefore alignments of lower motifs were off.

If it's a small mistake sometimes I'll just leave it, and adjust accordingly.  Really because there isn't any perfect.  

We had a lovely Thanksgiving.  Food turned out perfecto, and my oldest took a cooler home of leftovers.  I think it's funny since when he lived at home he was quite vocal about my cooking. Suddenly it's not so bad! But things always taste better when it's someone else doing the cooking!

All three of my kids were here, but my oldest and his girlfriend had to return to Norfolk because he had the watch. My daughter has spent most of her time working, and my youngest had racked up many hours of sleep. 

But it was nice to have them here and the mom is just happier when her chicks are here and together.

The agenda today consists of my update on a new phone.  I'm finally just learning all the ins and outs of this one.  Plus making a trek to Gainesville to pick up a Christmas tree.  Then home again for laundry!

I forgot to share this little story in my earlier posts.  But a few weeks back I had a snake in my house.  I don't like reptiles, amphibians, spiders and bugs if any sort. Wouldn't you know my husband wasn't home, so I had to at least attempt to catch it myself.  I did, but not before having some panic attacks. Trapped under a food storage container until the hubby could relocate it outside.

It wasn't very big. In fact my husband pointed out that I had I put longer night crawlers on a fishing hook.  I don't care! It was still a snake!

All for now, happy stitching!


  1. Great progress on your sampler even with having to rip out! I wouldn't want a snake in the house either. It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Pam! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Glad that you took care of the snake. It would have freaked me out too!
    I LOVE your cross stitch stand! Did you make it or purchase it? If you purchased it, can you tell me where? If you make it are there plans available? Thanks! :-)

    1. Me too! If you view the web version of my blog, on left side there are links to my favorite sites. My stand is from Hearthside. I have the Mark II version. It's pretty pricey,so it's all I asked for several Christmases ago. I still use the American Dreams scroll rods with the Velcro with my stand. Why I ended up with this is because you could purchase additional pieces to make it wider. And believe me I have had to use the extension when I've stitched some wider pieces.

  3. Thanks so much for the information. I will look at their site.
    Happy Stitching!