Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week 4 - Mexican Schoolgirl Practice

Mexican School Girl Practice
By Samplers Remembered
40 ct. Porcelain linen 

Slow progress this week and yet I still managed to finish a while page from the chart.  Can't tell you how much stitching I did, followed by ripping out, restitching, reripping and finally the third time was either a charm or as good as it was gonna get.

But alas the joys of stitching! Sometimes it is one stitch forward and two stitches back.

I have managed to get some of the house decorated for Christmas. All the candles are in the window. The wreaths are hung and the stockings too.  The tree sits in its stand no lights, no ornaments.  Wish I had had the gumption Saturday night to put the lights on it.  

We still need to add lights and the inflatables to the front yard.  My mother hauled out her Christmas decorations that she brought with her.  I'll have to figure out to work those into the decor.  

I am pretty pleased with myself, that other than my husband , Christmas shopping is almost done. I've got a few things to mail as well.  

But back to stitching- it's usually bout this time in a project that I'm already thinking "what's next?" Or I already know what's next.  This time my mind is a total blank.  Not a clue.  Maybe I should number my charts, put pieces of  papers with duplicate numbers and just pick randomly!  

But at least I'm not adding anymore new charts.  Didn't even ask for a single one. I did ask for Michaels gift cards for framing and 123stitch for supplies.

I'll have to ponder some of my ideas over the next week!

Until then happy stitching!!!!!


  1. Nice progress, Pam! I look forward to seeing what you have chosen as your next project. What type of candles do you use in your windows?

    1. They're single electric candlesticks. I can actually attach them to the window with a suction cup thing that's made for them. I think we bought them suction cup things at Home Depot. The electric candlesticks are sold at Michaels. They have battery ones too but they don't shine as bright. I just got lucky that all my windows have electric outlets close