Friday, December 25, 2015

Samplermaker- Carriage House Samplings

This is to be my final finish of 2015!  I know I don't have a thing in my stash that can be done before the chimes ring out 2015 and welcome in 2016.

Tavern Signs - Samplermaker
Carriage House Samplings
30 ct. Iced Cappucino

I have so much to share on this post!  We had a wonderful Christmas.  I received a new camera, a notebook and several gift cards.  The food was absolutely delicious  and we will be enjoying leftovers for many days. 

I want to share the pictures of the Altoid sewing kits I made. One for myself, which was for practice and to work through the kinks.  The other two were gifted to my sister and my bestie, Cathy.  All the tops were the same, but I finished the insides to coordinate with the crane scissors.

 Inside I put needle threader, tweezers, scissors,  and some packages of petit needles.  Yes the black on the inside lid is a magnet. Pretty proud of myself with the making of all the coordinating cording out of DMC.  My electric hand mixer, sure got a workout!

Once I finished the last sampler, I pulled out my stash.  Talk about being over the top!  I actually made a spread sheet of my existing stash.
I had someone point out to me, with all these charts, I'd have to live to be 200 to finish them all.  Never underestimate a driven stitcher like me! Got me thinking of my completions in 2015.

Here they are:

EH 1875 (started in 2014)
Amish Life- Tending the Garden
Dunvegan Sampler
Family Name Sampler
Amish Life- Hanging the Quilts
Rhoda Hastings 1863
Isabella Gray 1838
Ann Pegg 1877
Tropical Quaker Sampler
Antique Sampler
Karoline Beringer
Mexican School girl Practice Sampler
 In addition to
Knitted 3 baby blankets plus 3 teen scarves
Knit one eternity scarf
Made 3 tin topper sewing kits
Plus made slip covers for a couch and love seat, cushion covers for both. Plus recovered the pillows.
And made a valance.
Made one small baby quilt
Samplermaker Tavern Sign

If I hadn't been so crafty with sewing and knitting, I'd had a few more samplers finished!

Which brings me how I will decide what is next in my stitching rotation.  I decided to go by copyright year, and start with the oldest.  However, anything overseas had no copyright year and so I may occasional slip one of those in randomly.

So with that being said, if I have the right material my next sampler will be Hannah Lancaster with a 1985 copyright date. 

Next post will officially be in 2016.  May the New Year bring you happiness and joy.  May it allow plenty of time to stitch!


  1. Wonderful finishes! Your samplermaker sign is very cool. I never considered using the hand mixer to make cording, but it makes sense- thanks!

    1. I actually found a video on You Tube which demonstrated how to make the cording from DMC using the electric hand mixer. I just love technology! Don't know how to do something? Look it up on You Tube! I actually have a video saved that is a great one to rethread my serger.

  2. Congratulations on your list of finishes, Pam! I really like your Altoid tins. What type of tweezers did you include? Bet the tins were well received!

    1. My friend Cathy had already received hers, and I think she liked it. I had to show her how to use the needle threader, since she had never used one. Talked to my sister yesterday, and she loved her sewing kit. She said she kept looking at it, because it looked like something out of the Victorian era. Also impressed when I told her I made the cording. Let me see, the tweezers. I actually got them at either Walgreens or Walmart in the beauty department. The ones that I gave to my sister and Cathy came with a little black plastic case that held the tweezers. The were actually a bit smaller than a lot of the other tweezers, and sort of basic. The ones I use at home are just basic tweezers. Nothing really special. I keep them on hand, because it I accidently don't bury a beginning or end thread, I can use a self threading needle (the eye of the needle is open so you can just pull the thread into, rather than having to put it through the eye)so I use the tweezers to grab the thread and pull it into the needle.