Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hannah Lancaster Sampler

Happy New Year!  I officially started my first project of 2016.
Hannah Lancaster Sampler
Worcester Art Museum
The Porcupine Collection
35 ct. Unbleached linen 

This is one of the oldest charts via copyright year in my stash.  Not sure when I actually got the chart, but really doesn't matter since I at least have some sort of organizational chaos to work my way through my stash.

I must say the actual sampler is prettier than is reflected by the chart picture.

The picture shows it as pretty drab and brown. It does have a lot of brown and green but still pretty shades.

Posting my progress thus far, because I will spend the rest of the afternoon running graph lines for the verse, and probably frogging. There is no squiggle room for an error. So I'm gonna have to figure it out before I compound the error any further. 

Meanwhile I did add another chart to my stash.  Like I need another project, but it was so pretty. 

Happy first week of 2016 stitching!

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  1. You are off to a great start on Hannah, Pam. Have a great week!