Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hannah Lancaster - Week 4

Hannah Lancaster Sampler
Worcester Art Museum
The Porcupine Collection
35 ct. Unbleached linen

You'd think I'd had gotten a lot more stitching done since we have been snowed in for the last several days.  But I look at last week's photo and it doesn't seem like I made much progress.

Probably cuz the roof seemed to take forever, and the huge house that the roof is attached to, will probably take just as long.

Then to top it off, I had stitched the pots on the left side, and realized that when I stitched the pots on the right side, the ones on the left were done in the wrong color.  Frog!  Rivet, Rivet!

Plus last week went by in a flurry with snowstorm prep.  Getting to the grocery store, running errands with the hubby because all of a sudden the battery went kaputz, and I had to run into all the stores and get stuff, while he kept the truck going.  Last stop was to pick up a new battery.

Lots of stuff you have to do!  Make sure you have plenty of propane for heaters. Put gas in the car, get cash. Do all the laundry in case you lose power. Plus remind my college kids several times each day to remind them to stock up.

That got it bad in Harrisonberg too.  Somewhere below this snow is my daughter's Smart car.

My husband decided today to order a snowblower. Can't believe he waited this long! He went out 3 different times to shovel, trying to keep from shoveling the 24" we received over the weekend, in one try.  He'd still been shoveling as I write this!

Our truck from our bedroom window. Not trying to over dramatize the snow, after all I was born and raised in Michigan. But this type of snow in this area makes people nuts!  People here can barely drive in the rain. 

Let's just hope next week is calmer?!  That way I'll have a lot more stitching time.  Till then- happy stitching!


  1. Nice house building, Pam! I am sorry that you had to reverse stitch though. Here's to this week's snow melt!

    1. Robin, I didn't ignore you. I actually responded earlier this week, and when I hit the publish button, my reply disappeared into thin air, or the cloud, or the vast internet hub. Regardless of where it disappeared to, it definitely didn't appear here. Yes the snow is melting. My dogs are exceedingly happy as they can go outside again. We'd open the door and they would just stand there in the kitchen looking at the 24" of snow and then look at us with an expression of "are you kidding me!" I was able to walk Dixie using the one vehicle path that the snowplows had created through the subdivision, but Holly?! Realized we had neither a collar or a leash for her. She's a Pom/Chi and is built sort of like a linebacker. All neck! Plus she's little enough, that we usually just pick her up and carry her. But, so happy to see the snow melting away, because I was going through paper towel and freezer bags, like Sherman through Atlanta! The girls just couldn't hold it anymore! Poor things. Making mistakes, whether it's life, or stitching or anything else for that matter, "it happens!"

  2. Beautiful sampler! It's coming along so nicely, Pam. I have never lived where it's snowed, and people here too go nuts driving in just the rain. I have visited Minnesota in the winter, and that experience made me really admire those folks who have to deal with snow. Happy Stitching!

    1. Stitcher S, I actually don't mind the snow. Not that I'm out there shoveling, skiing or anything like that. I was born and raised in Michigan, and so the rarely occasional snow storm is actually welcoming. As long as you don't plan to go anywhere, and you don't have to shovel, and you are well stocked up, and you don't lose power.

      But, I also lived in Florida for many years, and preparing for a snow storm is sorta like preparing for a Hurricane. Been there, done that, in fact, many times. I actually like living in Virginia. It has all the seasons, but not as drastic as living in Florida or Michigan. It's a great middle of the road, as far as weather goes. Happy Stitching to you as well! Thank you so much for the comments and visiting my blog.