Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hannah Lancaster Sampler - Week 2

Little early on my post this week.  But I'm at the point I need to roll the scroll rods. 

Hannah Lancaster Sampler
Worcester Art Museum
The Porcupine Collection
35 ct. Unbleached linen 

I have decided that mirror image samplers are not as fun to stitch! But it's not hampering to stop me from completion, now that I have started it.

I also don't have a fondness for charts that once you open them up, find the chart is graphed on poster size paper. Which this one is.  I've had a heck of time copying it, to have something to work off of, rather than wrestling with a huge sheet of paper.

If this chart is in your stash make sure you have lots of certain colors.  I'll have to make note of the ones you'll need more than one skein of.  It's definitely two greens and a brown!  Buy at least 3 skeins of those, 2 of the golds.


Well the holidays are over, our decorations are all down and put away.  Tomorrow both of the youngins head back to college.  It'll be so quiet here.  Although I won't be sorry to see my daughter's dog head back to college!  He's either part woodchuck or termite. Likes to chew on any corner with a 90 degree turn or the rungs of my chairs. Every few days I'm spraying everything down with bitter Apple.  Ugg!  Problem is, I think he likes it!

No clue what's in the pipeline next, but it's something from the 80's to be sure. I have several charts from that circa.
Guess when I'm closer to the end of this one, I'll take a peek!

Until then, happy stitching!


  1. Pam, you have made good progress with Hannah. Looking forward to your next post on Hannah!

  2. My puppy enjoyed the bitter apple spray, as well. Dang it!

    1. I heard rubbing alcohol or hot sauce works too