Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mexican School Girl Practice - Week 6

Mexican School Girl Practice
By Samplers Remembered
40 ct. Porcelain linen 

Just put the last stitches in this beauty! Now the hard work begins of deciding what is next!  So many charts, so many to consider.

It's time to do some more administration and organizing of my existing charts before I start pulling threads, and putting needle to fabric.

I have, in this last week managed to finish wrapping all existing Christmas purchases. So the only things left are those still in transit.  Hopefully they'll arrive before Christmas.

We also got the tree decorated. My husband was in charge of lights and beads. I was in charge of ornaments, and icicles. This tree is smaller in height than previous years.  I know that because I didn't run out of either ornaments or lights.

Again another short entry this week. To all my followers. May you and your family have a very Merry Blessed Christmas!

Until next week!  Happy Stitching!!!!!


  1. Congratulations on your sampler finish, Pam! Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!