Sunday, November 8, 2015

Mexican School Girl Practice Sampler

Karoline Berlinger was finished and I was already pulling threads, changing out scroll rods on my floor stand for this beauty which has been in my stash for quite some time.

This is only a few days of work. Here to tell you I will not be whipping this sampler out at the speed of some of my other projects.  It's one thread of DMC over two threads of 40 ct. Even with my brand new bifocals that 40 ct. Linen is really teeny tiny.  

I pulled out my over the head magnifier which really helped.  But think I will be investing in a clamp magnifier for my stand shortly. 

This is the very first time I have stitched on 40 ct.  I shied way from it because of it being small. But it's not that bad if you concentrate. It's just getting your eyes used to it.  

I feel in love with this sampler when I first saw it on Robert L Harris Jr.'s blog "A Gentleman's Sampling.  Both I and my sister ordered the chart. Thankfully! Because my chart had no legend page, and so I was able to get a copy from her.  

I think I just lost it somehow.  Because I had pulled this chart out several times to work on it, even had fabric for it, but the 40 ct. Just made me put it back and start some other chart that was speaking loudly to me.

On Saturday I took 4 more pieces into Michaels to be framed. To take advantage of their 60% off plus 20%. I swear Michaels has jacked up all the prices of their moldings. Plus their selection of frames with the yellow or orange rubber bands is getting less and less.  Those are the ones I generally pick because they are their economy mouldings. 

I took in the 3 part Amish life ones, and Rhoda Hastings.  I already know where I'm going to hang them.  They will be finished 11/21.  I tried to talk them in to giving me another 10% off because it's the day before my birthday, but they didn't seem to see it my way.

I also picked up My Tropical Quaker Sampler.  Really pleased with how it turned out, and glad I switched Michaels, as the one in Woodbridge does a better job on needlework.

Well that's about it for this week.  Happy stitching!

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  1. Wow! The framed Quaker looks great. I am glad you have such good luck with framing at Michael's. You are probably one of the few that does. Pam, you are off to a good start on your latest sampler.

    Hope you have a marvelous week!