Monday, March 21, 2016

Skyros Island Schooner Sampler - Week 3

Skyros Island Schooner Sampler
Stitch Designs
36 ft. vintage country mocha

Was hoping by now that I would be finished with page 4 of this chart and be able to move my scroll rods!  Not so much!  Lots of motifs, lots of color changes.

I have been pre threading needles with the various colors, just to save time, and that helps a bit. 

When I finish this chart I'm willing it to my friend since her husband is Greek.  I told her she might want to switch the turquoise blues, to something more royal or navy blue.  Not about to rip what I sewed so far out, because il questioning the color choices.

It's still pretty!

I gave my sweet Holly a bath this last week, and cut her toe nails. I'm not sure she appreciated any of it!

I fully intended to give Dixie a summer cut, bath, etc.  But then it got cold here.  Not about to let her get cold by cutting off all her fur.  But it better warm up quickly because she is pretty pitifiul looking!

I also made home made peanut clusters. A bag of melted milk chocolate chips, and a can and a half of dry roasted peanuts. Must cool in fridge or the don't set up.  Also must eat quickly once taken from the fridge because they will melt in your hands.

My mother actually does have an opinion.  I asked her how the blueberry quick bread was.  "Fine!  But I don't really like blueberries!" News to me!  I'll have to pawn the second loaf on someone!  Stick with apple, pumpkin or banana breads in the future.  Although I do have a great recipe for strawberry bread that uses fresh strawberries.

My daughter is home from school, until she graduates in May.  Today she received a job offer.  She was so happy she burst into tears. One more birdie leaving the nest, but at least she'll still be in Va. If she accepts the offer, and within 2 hours of home.

Although to be honest, with the youngest two being in college, even when they were home for breaks, I didn't see much of them.  Cutting of the apron strings. Plus, I raised them to be independent , self sufficient and contributing members to society.  So even though it's time to spread their wings, I can't help being a bit sad about it all.

Thankfully I have my husband, and mother and several pets.  Plus all my hobbies, I'll keep myself busy!

Until next week- Happy Easter and have fun stitching!


  1. Your peanut nut clusters look delicious. Fabulous progress on the sampler, Pam! Congratulations to your daughter and the job offer. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Oh Robin, I bet the peanu clusters would be even better if you added other nuts to them. Cashews. Pecans. Even coconut, but I'm the only one that likes coconut.