Monday, May 2, 2016

Skyros Island Schooner Sampler - Week 9

Week 9 and still no end in sight.  Been skipping around so much since last post, that it's difficult to see much progress.

I was asked for a picture of the unrolled piece.  So you can see that I am managing to work on the hull of the ship.

Busy week coming up so I'll probably not make much progress.  My daughter is graduating from JMU.      
                                                                 I have been tasked with making pasta and potato salad for a cook out in Fri. night. So today I picked up the ingredients.  Also looks like my mother is getting low on quick breads.  Only 1 loaf left in the freezer. 

I felt it was time to get a haircut.  Specially with all the graduation pictures coming up.  Love the cut, but hair dresser put too much hair spray on it.  Can't believe they cut 4" off of it. 

I got me some droopy eyelids!  Maybe if I win the lottery I can get those taken care of.

I volunteered to help my sister with a conversion from DMC to gentle arts. Think I'll wait till my mom goes to Georgia for 3 weeks, so I can spend several hours at In Stitches!

Well with that I need to get back to laundry and stitching. Happy stitching!


  1. The schooner sampler is looking good. Thanks for sharing a full shot. Congratulations and best wishes to your daughter as she graduates this week.

  2. Skyros looks great- so many vibrant colors. Congrats to the new graduate. I was at In Stitches a few days ago- did you know they are having a sale this week?

  3. I read it in the newsletter. But we have so much going on right now, I just don't have the time to spend in there right now☹️