Monday, May 16, 2016

Skyros Island Schooner - Week 11

Feel like I made a lot of progress this week!  The end if clearly in sight!  

The last single line on the bottom, has only 4 rows underneath that and some random fish.  Course lots of fill in still left to do.

I can't believe it will have taken me almost four months to stitch this.  My end of the year finishes will be pretty pitiful for 2016.

Speaking of finishes.  Interesting post on one of the FB groups about projects stitchers have in their rotation.  I used to have 3 projects going at the same time. One in the basement on either the floor stand/lap-tabletop stand.  The second 
project located on the first floor in one of the two stands and a take along project in QSnaps for time spent on the boat or traveling.

Since my husband started working out of the house, the first floor project has been eliminated. I spend a lot of time in the basement, staying out of way of disturbing my husband when he's talking to clients or dictating.  Plus since we moved my mom in with us, I sit with her to keep her company.  

Once the weather turns nice and we start going to the boat I'll probably have a new take a long project.  But the weather!?  I wore winter clothes to church yesterday.  My former high school classmates posted pictures and videos of it snowing in Michigan yesterday.  Global warming!!!

Back to the rotation subject!  My ADD won't let me start new projects until I finish something.  One stitcher said she had 77 projects in her rotation.  77!  77 projects not finished!  That was the highest! But others had the perverbial heap of their own UFPs.  

This particular stitcher admitted that her satisfaction in stitching was buying the fabric and the threads and the charts and starting them. 

I have under 50 charts in my stash.  Some of them fully kitted some of them it's just the chart.  I feel sort of guilty at times when I look at my stash and realize the cost involved.  Thankfully it's only a moment and I justify my obsession with it is but one vice. But it makes me think about purchasing additional! 

Recently another stitcher posted pictures of inherited WIPs. She had no idea about the chart names, nor were the charts included.  Thankfully she was able to identify the charts with the help of other stitchers. Hopefully she'll be able to find what are probably OOP charts.  

Not finding fault with these other stitchers.  Makes them happy and that's what stitching is for. Just saying for me, I  couldn't stand having all these random WIP's. 

Well off my opening soap box.  Until next week - Happy Stitching!


  1. Fabulous progess, Pam! I enjoy hearing the "hows" behind rotations, WIPs, UFOs, process vs. completions and the like. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  2. Pam, Your piece is coming along nicely. These big ones take so much time.

    I too find the WIP subject fascinating. I currently have just two of them, in fact. One I started in 2003 or so, and my current one I just started. I don't like having lots of WIPs. I do have way too much stash, but I don't enjoy kitting projects, nor starting them. I like the actual stitching. I recently bought the full collection of DVDs of all the SANQ magazines, but not sure why I did! Someday I will tackle some projects in those magazines.

    I agree when we speak of the differences, we aren't being critical--just observing. I can't imagine having so many WIPs. The most I have had at once is five. I am thrilled to have finished all except for the one from way back. (TW's Fruit Bellpull, and I have decided to do a smaller version of it.)

    We are going on a small trip soon, and I don't have a 'take along' project. I will just bring a book to read as I don't feel like kitting one up just to bring it along. I hope that makes sense. We'll be busy visiting with people, so there won't be much down time anyway.

    Happy Stitching!

    1. I think part of what keeps me finishing a project, is since I have a floor stand and use the ADP Velcro rods, I don't want to have to break down the floor stand, switch out the rods to work on another project.