Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ann Wellington 1809 Sampler

Ann Wellington Sampler 1809
T&N Designs Inc
32 ct. Magnolia linen

As I reported earlier this week, I had started the Lucy Redd sampler.  After several days of sewing, I wasn't really pleased with the result.  So, I went through my stash list and found several samplers that were on the list to stitch.

Actually there were 5 total. All with copyright dates in the 80's. Unfortunately, 2 besides the Lucy Redd chart also called for natural/raw/unbleached 27 ct. Linen.  Fabric is in transit for all three of those charts.  Meanwhile, not one to sit on my hands.  I pulled the remaining 2 charts. One is a kit, but it's a rather long and wide band sampler.  I just don't have it in me right now to start another huge piece.  So by default, Ann won out. 

Supposedly when finished, it's about 18" square. Luckily in my fabric stash I had a piece of the right count and decent color to begin stitching.  I think there's only about 12 DMC colors used.
So it's not a real colorful sampler.  And it's quite basic in style for that period.  
Plus a couple basic stitches.

I do not know if I'll keep it, or gift it to someone.  Only time will tell.

Did I mention how much I love my serger to finish off the edges?  Best investment ever!

I keep my scroll rods in a blanket Rubbermaid box.  Every time I start a project I invariably spend quite a bit of time digging in the box to find rods that are long enough for the project, and two the same size.

Well today I came up with an idea to organize my rods better.  I bought this at Walmarts.  It's double sided Velcro.  Costs about $5.00 and can be found in with Velcro items in the sewing/craft department.  

It looks like it's black, and you can probably buy black if you want, but I bought white.  That way I can write on it with a sharpee pen.  I plan to cut strips for each set of rods (maybe 2 or 3 depending on length), and write the length of the rods on the Velcro.

That will keep them together, and I'll know which pair to hunt for!  Plus I'm going to take the time to inventory which lengths I have and which ones I may have to purchase later.  

Planting in the yard continues.  I finally purchased more flowers for my side planter boxes and my flower bed under my living room window.  Was even more thrilled that many of the ones I purchased at Walmart had been marked down for under $2.00 each.  Won't feel so bad when or if they don't make it!  I've come to the conclusion I'm a better "picker" than "grower!"

Well that's bout all the news this week.  Happy stitching!


  1. Nice start on Ann Wellington! Your flowers look lovely. I'm a better picker than grower also.

  2. Two of us born without the "green thumb" gene! Lol