Sunday, August 28, 2016

Lucy Redd - Finish

Wherever you live, you probably can hear my whoop, whoop!  Doing the happy dance.  I always feel that way when I finish.

Lucy is big one!  Measuring 23 1/2" wide and 21" high.  

What is next you ask? Jane Woodward Sampler!  
 My second to last sampler in the 1980's.  After that, it's Loara Standish.  Then I get to jump into the 1990's where there are 5 charts.  

I can't believe how many charts I have rehomed via sales, plus how many ones that I actually finished and are still listed on my spreadsheet.

Another thing to do is update the spreadsheet since I need to add a few purchases. I have 2 more charts yet to arrive.  Dunvegan Sampler, which I had and now can't locate and Mexican Sampler by Queenstown. Both splurges from buy/sell group.

Wouldn't you know that Hands Across the Sea has put out another beauty of a sampler?! They need to have some pity on us stitchers and allow us time to stitch the last one they put out.  But they couldn't go by my method because it's definitely going to take me several years to get to the 2010's.

Praying daily my eyesight lasts that long.  Plus I have some other projects that I need to finish.  On top of that, my husband decided yesterday he wants to install the new vanity in my mother's bathroom. 

Which means I have to paint!  Plus ordering light fixtures, and towel bars and a new shower curtain and a new cover for the light for the exhaust fan.  And remove all the tile floor boards so they can be replaced with wood ones. 

Somewhere in there I have to work in another haircut for Dixie, and a bath for both of them, cuz they smell like stinky dogs.  Plus both the girls could use a nail trimming.  

So much to do and so little time!  To think September is right around the corner.

Well time is ticking away as I opine about all the stuff I have to do, which isn't getting done.

So with that I'll end!  Happy Stitching!


  1. How lovely this sampler turned out! And so many more to do (time seems to fly by, does it not?)! I'm sure with a lot of organizing you will get everything done!

  2. Pam, congratulations on your Lucy Redd finish. She looks great. I am looking forward to the progress on your next start. Have a productive week!

    1. Thanks Robin! Jane Woodward is also done on the unbleached linen. I have to refuel all the DMC from Lucy, pull the threads for Jane. Plus serge the ends of my linen, then I'll be off!