Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lucy Redd - Week 6

I was hoping I would be a bit further along in Lucy!  And perhaps I would have been if ......

I didn't discover that the chart had 2 "X's" for 2 different DMC colors.

 Supposedly one bold and one not.  Believe me there are only a couple of spots that I can tell the "X's" are bold.  I have now have started referring the the picture on the chart.  Which isn't all that great!

So a lot of my time I have spent this week doing this! 

Froggin - ripping it out and restitching in the correct color.  Almost completely done with that, when I also realized that somewhere you were supposed to do some Rice Stitch.  Oh crap!  Where?  

Oh ya, one whole line I stitched in Algerian Eye Stitches was supposed to be in Rice Stitch.  Having a mental debate with myself whether to rip it out and do it correctly or just leave it.  Decisions, decisions!  And we get mad with the men in our lives that refuse to read or ask for directions!

I bought another chart this week!  I am weak!  It sort of defeats the purpose of getting rid of my stash and then turning and buying another chart!  But I just couldn't help myself!

 It's so pretty stitched.  Blairgowrie Sampler by "With My Needle"

I did also purchase my table.  However in transporting it, I cracked a leg on it.  Absolutely sick about it!  But hubby says it can be fixed. Problem is if it takes him as long to fix the table as it took him to rewire the lamps, I won't be using the table anytime soon!  Wish he'd just let me call someone!

Before I cracked the leg.  Drum table Circa.1950's.

I am in the hunt for a sampler that was only offered in a SAL.  Someone I know stitched it and said I could 
buy the chart but she has not gotten back to me. Maybe she is having second doubts?  I contacted the designer through her blog and website and asked "if" and "when" it would be released for sale to the public. Haven't heard a response from designer either. 

Well it's officially!  My daughter made her final move to Charlottesville.  She took her "devil dog" with her! I will be soon doing a deep clean of her bedroom, which is probably the cleanest I've seen it since she came home from school.  Plus a deep clean of the shared bathroom.

Unfortunately our upstairs air conditioning unit is on its last legs.  So we have been turning it off during the day so that it doesn't freeze it.  But it gets really hot up there, really fast!  Not best conditions to work up a sweat cleaning!

It's a hot one in Northern Va.  So all you stitchers out there stay cool and hydrated.  I'm returning to the basement! Till next week happy stitching!


  1. Oh Pam, I am sorry about the issues with the x symbols. I wish designers wouldn't use the same symbol by making it bold for the second one. If it were me, I wouldn't frog out the Algerian eye stitch for the Rice stitch. Your table looks great; what a wonderful find. It's hot here in my part of Virginia; looking forward to fall.

    1. Robin that's what my sister said too! To just leave it. To be honest I was a bit concerned if I ripped it out that I might put holes in the linen. So I'm just gonna leave it alone. Table was $100 through Craig's list. I think I did good up to the time I cracked the leg! I have a 5 degree variable from being too hot or too cold. It's definitely waaaaay too hot.

  2. What a bummer on the chart symbols!!

    Tickled pink that you've chosen Blairgowrie! I'm looking forward to following your progress.

    1. Love it. The colors speak to me! But I won't be starting it anytime soon. Decided to work through my stash by copyright date. I still in the late 80's. With Loara Standish be the final one in the 80's before I leap into 90's. Plus I have been trying to destash by selling some of the charts I'm finished with, or ones that I fell out of love with. Actually was able to get Blairgowrie with $ from selling or rather rehoming my charts.

  3. Riping and restitching gets into my nerves! But having similar signs to different colors is bad. I had in my "Strasbourg la petit France" I was doing and had to use both a magnifying glass and the scheme photo to guide!
    I'm sure that sooner or later you will find a way to get the leg right (husbands seem to take a long time to correct things - mine does). Love the new sheme!

    1. Paula, I know I don't like having to rip out either. I did restitch all the places I used the wrong color. But decided to leave the Algerian Eye Stitches alone. Two afraid I'd damage my linen by removing those and replacing with Rice Stitch. My husband has wonderful intentions. But he just really doesn't have the time. He was active duty Navy for 23 years and now he is a patent attorney that works from the house. He hasn't quite made the leap that he's still money ahead by paying someone to fix something while he bills a client. Although things he really hates to do, like mowing the yard and painting he'll contract that out to someone else in a heartbeat.