Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lucy Redd - Week 7

Little late in my posting this week. It one of those times when I procrastinated on Sunday, procrastinated on Monday, again on Tuesday, and here we are.

This is the very bottom right side of the chart.  So I'm definitely on the final stages.  Not thinking I'll be finished by this week either.

I been busy selling my stash and those given to me by my sister on the many buy/ sell FB groups.  It's a lot of work!

Doing research on the charts of what they originally sold for.  Taking pictures of each chart.  Putting descriptions on each chart.  Getting in touch with buyers, sending them invoices, packaging and mailing stuff.  

Deleting posts once they are sold. Moving left over charts from one FB group to another. (Cross selling is usually prohibited- which means have the same chart listed in 2 different groups.) I have had to print out the rules for each FB page group, so that I'm following the rules of creating the album.

Plus remembering to transfer money from PayPal back to my checking account for the cost of postage.  Thankfully I had many years of working at banks!  Helps keep me organized. 

But I'm almost done with all of it, and my stash consists of things I really want to stitch.  Well, that is until I see something else that I just must have!  There is a definite bonus of having the PayPal balance for those "can't live without purchases!"

There is a wonderful feeling of letting things go, and rehoming the charts to someone else to enjoy the stitching and challenge and the final product hanging on the wall.

I'm really thinking of trying to chart out my version of a "Stitcher's Prayer."  I have some ideas about it, now it's just finding the perfect alphabet.  Another project that may have to take a back burner until then. 

Well that's all for now!  Happy Stitching!


  1. Lucy is looking good, Pam. It sounds like you have been busy with unloading some stash. Good for you! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Two times I posted a response to your comment, and two times it just disappeared into thin air. Hopefully the 3rd time is a charm! I've enjoyed the selling of the charts, I'm down to the last batch. It'll take both my sister and I awhile to have another batch. Thanks for being a loyal reader and always leaving a comment!