Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Back from Framing

I sincerely apologize to my few but faithful followers for my lack of posting to my blog, in the last month!  No particular reason why, other than procrastination.  I kept saying to myself ....."tomorrow!"  Unfortunately it's been over a month worth of tomorrows, and for that I truly apologize. 

At some point, I'm sure I mentioned, I dropped off 6 samplers for framing at Michaels.  I finally picked those up, and wanted to share the framed samplers.

Ann Rayner 1839 - Threads Thru Time

Ann Wellington 1809 - T & N Designs

Hannah Lancaster - Porcupine Collection

Lucy Redd - Homespun Elegance

Jane Woodward - Canterbury Designs

Loara Standish - Examplarery

Since then, I have taken in 5 more samplers for framing, and those are finished and ready to be shared.  Pictures of those to follow!


  1. What beautiful framed pieces you shared! They did a wonderful job with your samplers.

    1. You have to be careful with Michaels! I used to take my framing to the Manassas one. The girl that did the needlework framing was wonderful! She got transferred and then they only had guy framers who didn't have a clue about framing needlework. I'd have to fight every time I went in there because one of the guys kept insisting I should mat them. Believe me more than one Occasion I told him he did not have any experience wth framing samplers. Plus I'd get them back, and they were sloppy and droppey. I switched to the Woodbridge Michaels. Their female framer dies a wonderful job. She was trained about needlework framing by someone who really Stitches. Only 1 time did I have to leave something there to be redone because I didn't like the finish.