Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Yes, I'm calling this post a menagerie, because it's appropriate.  It is a collection of things that I forgot to share in previous posts.  Mostly because I wasn't being very good at posting on a weekly basis, as I had done in the past.

When that happens, you forget to share the things that you would have included in the weekly post.  So bear with me, my readers, and enjoy, the things I have also been doing, when I fell off the blogger wagon!

First, I picked up 5 more samplers from Michaels.  Other than the two I have previously finished, I'm pretty caught up on my stash requiring framing.  Previous posts, show my work on these, but I always like to share the completed framed one.

Karoline Berlinger - Summer House Stitch Workes

Ann Pegg 1977- The Scarlett House

Isabella Gray - Samplers Revisited

Mexican Schoolgirl Sampler - Samplers Remembered

Antiques Sampler - BH & G cross Stitch And Country Crafts Magazine Mar/April 1992

Speaking of framing, I decided to make a go of another smaller project, and laced another souvenir piece, I found after rooting around in my supplies.  Finding frames for your own projects can be quite the challenge.  I was lucky enough to find a frame at Michael's but to say that it didn't have issue, would be so untrue.  First of all the rabbit which holds the glass and your art work, wasn't very deep, so I was unable to use the back provided with the frame, once I added my needlework.  Once again, I had to have my hubby add some sort of hanger, since the one on this pre-made frame, was attached to the back that was provided.

If possible, I try to pick up a little project, of places we visit.  This one obviously is from a vacation in Ocean City, Md. many years ago.  If you ever visit Ocean City, you must check out the needlework shop Salty Yarns on the boardwalk!  Each year, the introduce a new little souvenir cross stitch chart.
I have bought another one on another vacation, and it remains unfinished.  Need to throw it in my take along bag! 

In addition, I have started working a Christmas gift for a relative.  Nowhere near completion, but I have made a decent stab at putting the items together, and am fairly confident, they will be done, in time for Christmas!  I just wanted to share a picture of the lovely fabrics.

In addition to all that, I still continue to perfect my answer for the Ann Hill Sampler border.  I have discovered using hand quilting thread works better for outlining. Doesn't fray, and pulls out easier.  It's a process!

I also managed to squeeze in a bath, brush, and nail cutting for Holly!  Pretty ding dang proud of myself! 

With that, I'm quite certain I am all caught up, with all the news fit to print.  Happy Stitching!


  1. What a fun post to read, Pam! Your framed pieces look great and I bet Holly is happier now the bath, the brushing and nail clipping are over.

  2. I still forgot something but will hopefully remember to include this weekend!

  3. How wonderful to have 11 newly framed Samplers. I think it's time to start taking mine to my framer. One a month might get them all framed by Christmas. 🤔