Thursday, October 9, 2014

EH 1875 Week One

Okay, I'm a little early on this post too.  But.....I recognize that the rest of my week is getting ready to be pretty action packed, and I won't have time to work on my project, and/or post.

It's parent's weekend at JMU. Both of my youngest two children are now studying there.  It's also the ring ceremony for our daughter who is a junior, and a football game, and tail gating.  Not to say, that I won't be stitching, I will!!!!  But it will be on my "take along" projects.

I have started my EH 1875 by European Reproductions.  I have had this chart for awhile, but didn't have the fabric.  In pulling out my stash, I decided I needed to start working on charts that I have had for awhile, and this is one.

I am using DMC and 28 ct., Lakeside Linen Antique White.      

Sabine Taterra's charts of European Reproductions, are wonderful.  She enlarges them, so they are so easy to read and keep on track with stitching.  However, the down side is, that there is no shaded area to show where one page overlaps to another.  Nor does the page start with the next row. I made a copy of page two, and then figured out where page one ended on page two, and highlighted the rows, I need to completely ignore on page two.    Now that I figured this out, going to from one page to another will be seamless!!!!!

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