Saturday, October 18, 2014

EH 1875 Week Two

You know how they say "that pride goeth before a fall?!"  Well, BAM, I just hit the floor!  I was stitching along very merrily, happy with my progress.  Thought I was going to boast about the fact, that I had finished page three and four.  Even with having deep cleaned both of the college kids bedrooms.   I'm talking deep clean.  409ing all the wood work, polishing the furniture, cleaning off their fans, cleaning the carpeting. OPPS!  Not so fast.  I get down to the bottom of page 4 and realize that I'm off.  Don't know where I'm off, just know that the line of the border is not ending on the same line with whatever it is on the bottom right side of the chart.

Thoroughly disgusted with myself, I walk away.  Sometimes you just got to do that when you make that sort of booboo.  Look at it with fresh eyes.  Came back a little while ago, and I spotted the stitches that somehow I had just forgotten.  So, I'd like to post that I have completed page 3 & 4, but that would not be completely accurate.

I have, however posted a picture of 3 & 4 prior to the ripping out that I have to do.  Where is the mistake?  One line prior to the beginning of  the lady's head.  I left out a row of of about 8 stitches.
Oh, the joys of cross stitch!

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  1. So sorry about the frogging....I had to do the same thing this morning.