Saturday, October 4, 2014

Framed, Finish and Next

Well usually I try to post on Sundays, but so much to share since last week.  I got Through The Years Gone By back from Michael's yesterday.  Have to say, it's impressive piece even though I sewed it.  My husband told me that it's his favorite piece so far.

I, and my partner in crime have been attending a stitching group in the area.  We go every other week.  I decided the project that I was going to dedicate to just sewing there, was a Tavern Sign by Carriage House Sampling.   Because the ladies are so friendly, I wasn't getting much done on the piece, and decided I would finish it, so I can dedicate my time at home to the NEXT project, and from here on out I will take my souvenir cross stitch things with me to the sewing group to work on.  Easier to carry, and much easier to work on.

Here is my Tavern Signs Too by Carriage House Samplings done on 28 ct. Lakeside Buttercream Linen and using DMC thread.

And like any cross stitch addict I have already chosen my next project.  The fabric is ready,  I've pulled my threads, and with any luck I will be sewing on this tomorrow.

And what is it?  It's EH 1875 by European Reproductions.  I will be using 28 ct. Lakeside Linen Antique White and DMC threads.  This is one of my charts that I have the longest, (well except for those that I have now decided, I probably will never do!) and I am looking forward to sewing this.  Weekly updates will follow!!


  1. Pam all 3 of these are really lovely! I think all stitchers should have their own version of the Tavern Sign. I'll be looking out for postings of your new project. When you are working on these big projects do you grid the fabric?

    1. I have another tavern sign that is "Sampler Maker" not yet done, and another finished but not framed, that says "Needleworker"
      I do run grid lines, Even did ones on the Needlewoman one. Every time, I haven't, I have gotten myself into trouble! I use handquilting thread, a single strand, knot it at the end, start at the top of my fabric and run it vertically down the fabric, every 10 stitches, as reflected on the chart. I don't usually have a problem being off horizontally for some odd reason.

    2. Same here. If I don't grid I find myself unpicking a lot. I make a grid in both directions (need to) and again like you -following the chart. Snip it out as I go.