Monday, November 17, 2014

EH 1875 Week 6

Another two pages completed.  I am happy with that progress, only because I know I completed other things at home that were sorely needed to be taken care of.

Plus, Saturday the George Herbert Walker Bush returned from it's nine month deployment.  I, my youngest two kids, and my son's girlfriend where there to meet the ship and my oldest when it returned to it's home base in Norfolk, Va.  Both the ship and my son were a sight for sore eyes.  The weekend went by too quickly and it was too soon to say goodbye, to the youngest two so they could return to college, and I had to return to Manassas.  Thankfully, my daughter will be home from college tomorrow to begin Thanksgiving break, the youngest returns on Fri., and Jason and his girlfriend will be with us for Thanksgiving!

I also managed to work on my take along project while waiting for the kids to show up, and waiting for the ship.


  1. So happy you got to spend some time with your military boy! Haven't commented for a good while since I switched to a different browser & it won't let me comment on your blog or Victorian Motto's, but I figured out if I go back to Safari, I can. weird. I really like the color combo in your EH 1875 . . . the shades used give it an "oldy" feel. (I still get amazed at how quickly you can stitch.)

    1. Highly recommend downloading Google Chrome as another internet explorer! Makes it easier to read the posts, and reply. I have both internet explorer set up on my computer and Google Chrome. Internet Explorer I use as primary and use the Google Chrome just to post to the blog. A little redundant, but whatever works. I'm not even half way through this sampler. But, I just keep plugging along. I think there is 35 pages to the chart. The reason why it seems that I stitch fast, is that I have been relegated to the basement, because my hubby works from home. I don't mind, because I have everything I need, a full bathroom, washer and dryer, TV and all my stitching supplies are stashed there. Plus I have a desk and printer for my computer. I would get so much more stitching completed, if I didn't have to clean! But....I seriously don't want to be on an episode of Hoarders! The colors are much more muted than I anticipated,but it's okay, I just like samplers and color is just another thing that draws me to them.