Tuesday, November 4, 2014

EH 1875 - Week Four

I am a little late on this post.  I was hoping to finish one more page, to photograph and add to this post, but alas, I could only complete two pages last week.  First, my husband is gone and so I have taken this time, to do some deep cleaning, that isn't possible when he's home.  He works from home, and I never know if he's talking to himself, talking to a client, or dictating.  Running the sweeper, or cleaning carpets is totally out, during the day, and by the evening, I'm too pooped to clean.

Plus, page 11 is one of those pages where I seem to be making a lot of mistakes, and have spent time sewing, ripping out, and resewing.  Guess my mind is distracted.

But, I did get pages 9 and 10 finished.

I managed to take two more completed Christmas gifts into Michael's yesterday for framing, and take advantage of my 60% plus 15% coupon I received in the mail.  I was even more ecstatic, when I pulled a gift card for Michael's that I had gotten for Christmas last year and had yet used, to discover that the gift card was for $100.  Made my day, to get $100 off my framing costs.

I belong to several Facebook pages for Cross stitch.  I am sorely tempted by the beautiful projects I see.  One thing I can say about us stitches, we hold on to our stash, and sometimes it takes us years to get to those charts.  Recently, someone posted status of American sampler that was in the Treasures in Needleworks magazines from 1992 & 1993. There was charts in addition to the American sampler, but also a Dutch, English and Spanish Samplers.  I just had to have these and went in search for the issues, and was lucky enough to find all four on ebay.  Don't ask me when I will get to them, but I have them!

The bottom one is the Spanish one.

In addition, I had to run an errand in Alexandria, and of course, I couldn't miss the opportunity to make a side trip to In Stitches.  I walked out with 3 small charts, and the fabric.  My favorite sales lady, Patricia Eaton, was back at work after being out for surgery.  Glad to see her back.
The reason why the smaller charts, is that I like to have take along projects, plus I recently saw a picture of a sampler wall.  I want one of those!  But I realized that almost all my projects are about the same size.  So, isn't any excuse a good excuse to purchase projects?  I think so!!!!!

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