Sunday, November 9, 2014

EH 1875 - Week Five and .....

Only managed to stitch two pages on my EH 1875 this week.  I know from here on out it will be slow going!  I've got too many house projects that need to be done, plus the holidays are quickly coming up with decorating and shopping.

I managed to complete pages 11 & 12

I also managed to put a few stitches in my take along project, which is the Family Name Sampler.

 This week was a very difficult week for our family.  We lost a member of our family!  One of our family dog's Sandy,    We had her in our life for almost 15 years.  She was a lovely dog, friendly, happy.  My father told me that that their passing, will break your heart and it does!  The house will be a little quieter, a little lonelier, with out her here.

On an uplifting note, my oldest returns from his nine month deployment on the George Herbert Walker Bush.  I and the kids are going to meet the ship, and be there for his homecoming.  This last week, will crawl by at a snail's pace!


  1. Sorry to hear about your lovely dog -it is always so sad to lose our pets. I hope that your family reunion is everything that you hope for. Your stitching project is really coming along and I look forward to your updates each week.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself. Looking forward to the homecoming. Told my younger kids, to wear layers, always cold down by the docks, and it takes forever, for them to tie up and start letting people on/off. My advice was to dress for comfort, and not to impress! Thank you for your kind words, about the loss of our Sandy girl. She will be missed, and always in our hearts and memories. I do have two more dogs, so it's not completely lonely. especially hit me, as it wasn't expected, even though she was nearly 15, and the house is already lonely, with the oldest one being deployed, and the two younger kids both off a college.