Monday, July 27, 2015

Ann Pegg -1877 Finish

I put the last stitches in Ann Pegg yesterday. 

I have made a solemn promise to myself that I won't look at, think about or dream about or pull any cross stitch to work on until I have made some major progress on other pending projects.

I must have the love seat completely finished by this weekend.  Hubby and son are taking it to Harrisonberg for the beginning of the big move into the townhouse.  

Getting closer to completion. This is a picture without the cushions.  It's all trial and error. And my back is killing me from hunching over on the floor.

Decided I would give my back a bit of break and have been knitting away.  Of course, while doing laundry!  I'm always multitasking. 

I have made some progress on the baby blanket as I've been taking it along with me while waiting.  Last week it was for an oil change and car inspection and the many appointments and meetings for my husband.  It's better then me impulse buying by going through stores just to waste time.  And I am saving money.

More to spend on crafts!

Until next week happy stitching whether it's on a sewing machine, knitting or cross stitching!


  1. Ann Pegg looks great. Congratulations on your finish! I love the yarn you are using for the baby blanket. Your love seat is getting there. Laundry is a great way to do some multitasking.

    Robin in Virginia

    1. I know! Laundry is a great excuse to also stitch at the same time! I feel like I'm really accomplishing something. Sometimes I look for dirty laundry to wash. Even resorting to washing the dog beds. The yarn for the baby blanket is a chenille yarn. I've been wanting to try to knit something with it. They have nicer girl colors than for a boy. But I picked up 2 other types of yarns also to make blankets and the colors are awesome. One project at a time!!!! Well.... Almost never! Thankfully baby is not due till December.