Monday, July 20, 2015

Ann Pegg 1877

A couple of more days and Ann will be finished.  I bought this chart because so many of my samplers are relatively the same size meaning large.  

However in stitching her, I find that I am not a big fan of samplers with mirror images and those that only use a few colors.  Diversity is my friend. Otherwise I feel bored with the project, but I have started it and I will finish it.

I reading last week's post I realized I forgot to post a finished picture of Isabella Gray.

 Love her!

Not sure what's next but I also have to begin knitting.  December will be here before I know it.  Until next week happy stitching.


  1. I feel the same way about mirror images and limited colors ~ those designs do tend to be harder for me to get through. Ann is looking pretty and Isabella Gray is gorgeous!

    1. I bought some smaller sampler charts for take along projects and because I'd love to have a sampler wall one day. But thinking it out I knew I had to have some variation in size for interest. So I grabbed a few charts. It's pretty but I think the next time I look for smaller charts I'll pay more attention. This one has been too repetitive for me!