Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Juggling too many balls!

A few nights ago we went to dinner with a guy who was in DC, who worked with my husband at a law firm in our area.

After catching up with my husband, and talking to my daughter, he turned to me and said "and what are you doing?"

My mind went completely blank.  The only thing I could think of was "I cross stitch!" I have been pondering that question and my response ever since. 

I am more than just a stitcher, I do more than just stitch.  I am the taxi cab driver for members in my family that have no driver's license.  I am everyone's personal shopper. Including groceries and picking up items for new apartments and new townhouses. 

There isn't a day that the washing machine and dryer aren't going. I put all out clothes away.  In the drawers in the closer.  Unlike my children who will dress out of their clean laundry baskets.  I won't see all my laundry baskets come back to the laundry room until they head back to college.

That doesn't include cleaning up the kitchen for all my family members who leave dirty dishes in the sink and don't know how to load or unload the dishwasher.  

I also take care of pets.  Letting them out, letting them in, feeding them. Taking them to the vet.  I had my oldest son's cat while he was deployed. I now have my daughter's puppy, in addition to my two dogs, who isn't housebroken yet, and am constantly cleaning up accidents.  Suggest everyone buy stock in paper towels cuz I'm going through rolls like Sherman through Atlanta. My poor Dixie is badly in need of a grooming and I'm wondering how to work that into my schedule.

Not including running the sweeper and cleaning toilets. There is no maid that shows up in the middle of the night and makes these things happen. The beds don't get stripped and remade by themselves, and I have never found a piece of chocolate on my pillow.

I was the general contractor when we did our master bathroom renovation.  Picking out everything and purchasing it to save money to stay in budget.

I am a professional painter when I need to be, along being a interior decorator. 

I volunteered to make slip covers for a couch and love seat having no idea what I was doing or what I was volunteering for.

Plus I have started knitting a baby blanket for my niece who is having a baby boy in December.  According to the pattern it's a one day knit.  I know it will take me longer than 8 hours.  

And not to forget finishing Ann Pegg.

And yet these things don't cover the personal dynamics of being a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. Of being the voice of reason at times, to listen to woes, to be a fixer of problems, to tell them the truth even when the don't want to hear it.  Sometimes being a referee and mediator.

So I am more than just a stitcher. I do more than just cross stitch.  I wish I had thought of all these things when I was asked the question.


  1. Everything you mentioned sounds very familiar and you are right - I've never found a piece of chocolate on my pillow either. :) It seems that all we do sometimes goes unrecognized that is until we don't do something. Making slipcovers is something I've always wanted to try. My grandmother could do all those kinds of things ~ maybe it's in my genes? :) By the way I just saw your message about Rhoda Hastings and placed my order today. Thank you so much for letting me know!

    1. I forgot being the gardener too. If I didn't go out there and tend to them, they'd be overgrown. The only reason we have TRUGreen is because it drove my husband crazy that I was always out there pulling weeds from the yard. I'm not looking for kudos. Staying at home almost gives some people the impression that you're boring. I'm not sitting around eating bonbons and watching soaps. I'm a busy girl! Staying home taking care not f my family and my home is important to me. Crafting of any sort on the side is icing on the cake.

  2. Your slipcover looks great so far! I am fairly new to staying at home (since my son was born) and I struggle with it sometimes but overall I believe that the person who stays home caring for family and home is critically important and provides many valuable services.

    1. Absolutely! I have 3 children. There is 14 years between the first and second child. I worked full time until my 2nd child was born. Even then, I went back to work and finally quit when she was 10 months old. Actually because the the oldest child, a teenager needed more adult supervision! 2 1/2 years after my daughter was born I had my 3rd and final child. By then, my husband, who was active duty Navy was doing work ups getting ready to be gone for a 6 month deployment. It was even more important to be home with the kids. I can tell you back then I did very little stitching. Didn't have time.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Pam! I need to remember some of it the next time I am asked what I do all day.

    Enjoy your week!

    Robin in Virginia

  4. Awesome Pam! I can't wait to be a domestic goddess when I retire. I love and admire all those that have made it work to be able to be with their children and run their household. I want to recover furniture, but it looks too intense. I am knitting a fair isle vest right now and trying to put binding on a my passion, cross stitch, is languishing at the moment.

  5. Pam, you are super woman! You can and have done anything you put your mind to....and more importantly, with a smile and enthusiasm. You're my role model!