Monday, July 6, 2015

Isabella Gray 1838 - week 4

Another project I thought I would have finished by now.  And just maybe I would have, if I hadn't had to rip out the border (flowers and all) on the bottom and half way up the right side when it wouldn't match up.  All fixed now and back on track!

One or two more stitching days and I should be finished. I will stitch for an hour more tonight and probably most of tomorrow.

All the kids were here for the 4th of July. So I have a valid excuse to stitch as I wash all the bedding and towels from the kids visits.  Plus I my hubby and mine laundry is backed up because the youngest child finally ran out of clean clothes.  Which forced him to do his laundry and tied up the washer and dryer for a few days.  

A few years ago I bought both my sons Manassa t-shirts from the local museum. Thinking I was doing something great and thoughtful. It is now a joke between the two boys, who are constantly gifting their Manassas t-shirt to each other. Or shoving it in their suitcases when one of them leaves.  I was quite happy to see my youngest in his Manassas T-shirt thinking it finally grew on him to the point he actually liked it.  Until he explained at the dinner table it was the only clean shirt he had left. 

Meanwhile my daughter brought a puppy  home.  Don't think she should have. But I'm only the mother! What do I know about the time and commitment and costs for caring for another living being.

The 4th I came down in the morning and stepped in something that was sorta slimey. I start looking around the kitchen and there's more spots like that.  A closer inspection made me recognize what it was and I'll just say it falls into the parasite family that often accompanies pets.  Here she's all dressed for work and I made her clean it up.  She was totally grossed out and I took great delight in pointing out to her that she is the one that wanted a dog.

Now all the dogs must ( I have 2) have their stool samples taken to the vet. Why oh why can't you get the dog(s) go when you want them too? My hubby says he'll do it tomorrow for the 2 that were being uncooperative, since the dirty deed must be no older than 8 hours old. Oh geez! Never a dull moment here!  I'm pretty sure her puppy is the culprit and when she has to stay outside with him while the medicine takes effect, she'll be rethinking this whole dog ownership thing.

Meanwhile I ordered some empty Altoids cans off of Etsy.  They should arrive this week. The cinnamon ones aren't so available and I don't feel like driving all over the place to find them.  Plus I would feel obligated to eat all those mints. It was easier just to buy empty ones and be done with it!

I am finally sending off my application to the Loudoun County Sampler Guild.  Especially when it's good for a discount when I purchase anything at my LNS. Hopefully I will save more than $30 over a year, which is the cost of the membership fee.

I have also been working on my take along project as time permits. No picture to share this time.

Since I'm so close to finishing Isabella, my next sampler will be Mexican School Girl Practice c.1830 by Samplers Remembered. Just loved the motifs!

Guess that's all for now. Till next week, happy stitching!


  1. Isabella is looking good. I am sorry you had to rip out part of the border. Here is hoping that you finish her up today or tomorrow. Your sampler on deck looks like a fun one.

    Good luck in sorting out the dog poop issue!

    Robin in Virginia

    PS I learned something by reading your post today about purchasing empty Altoid tins.

    1. Robin, I think I got 6 tins for $14.00 which included the postage. You can also get them on eBay.
      The poop thing- still working on it. I think Hubby forgot this morning! So every time I have let them out I have stood in ready with the sample vials. Neither of the two idiots are being helpful!