Monday, May 11, 2015

Rhoda Hastings 1863 - Week 2

I was hoping to have completed page two as of this posting.  But it was a busy week last week!  Spent most of one day at the JMU campus moving my son out of his dorm room.  

I don't remember how the rest of the week went but I know for a fact, I didn't have much stitching time.

Plus I ran into a snag when I ran out of the purple needlepoint yarn on the first page when there were 5 more pages to go.

I thought I could waltz into the LNS and just purchase some more.  Not so much. Both the red and purple had been discontinued.  Now what!?

Many years ago I did collections in the mortgage industry.  So I know how to find people.  Handy thing to have.  It's helped in finding classmates for high school reunions and....locating the now retired designer, Rebecca Dorrie of Samplers and Such.

Somehow when the chart was made up the colors were mixed up on the legend.  Where "z" shows purple on the legend it should really be red. And where "<" shows red it should really be purple. The chart is correct but the legend wasn't causing me to quickly run out of the yarn.

Ms. Dorrie had some extra yarn in her stash and is kindly forwarding some purple to me.  The way the chart is layed out it is easy to skip around the purple motifs for the time being.

I will say this is a beautiful sampler and I have enjoyed working on it.  Can't believe I had it my stash for so long!  

Another little project finish is my flower bed below the bay window in the living room.  I have for years tried to grow something there, but the lawn people keep mowing it over or weed whacking everything.  My husband put some border stones there and I planted a bunch of perennials there.  Hoping by next year if they survive that that area will be beautious!


  1. So cool about how you were able to acquire the needed purple thread!

    1. The owner of the LNS shop suggested contacting the designer. the designer wss surprised I ran out of the purple as she thought she had enclosed double the amount needed of each color with the chart to stitch the sampler. That's when the error on the legend was discovered. She said the flowers were supposed to be red, I sent her a copy of the legend and my chart which according to that should be stitched in the purple. That's when she realized the colors and symbols were switched. She actually tolde I was the first person to notice this. Know I looked for other stitchers of the sampler on the Internet and there were very few. Thought I could ask them. Think what happened is the chart was copyrighted in 2003. Those that did stitch it happened about 2010. Maybe the yarn was still available. If I hadn't been able to get more yarn from the designer, I would have visited IN STITCHES in Alexandria, Va. They have much larger selection of needlepoint supplies.

  2. Rhoda looks fabulous. Glad you were able to connect with the designer and sort out the problem plus receive more of the purple yarn. Your little garden area under the bay looks very nice. What perennials did you plant?

    Robin in Virginia

    1. I planted some Cala lilies, carnations and also some sort of daisies. The other's I picked for price and color. I wanted color but didn't want to spend a lot in case I kill them off.